Our e-mail apparently is now alive and well. We can be reached at:





At Hunterhill Kennel we try to raise an animal that exemplifies the characteristics of the Newfoundland dog, particularly in terms of personality and temperament. Our dogs currently are acting as service dogs for veterans with PTSD, as therapy dogs for individuals with MS and epilepsy, and as companion dogs in many households across North America.

52 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dawn Thompson

    Hi there,
    I’m interested in talking with you about getting a puppy. I tried to call but it says the number is out of service. I currently have a 6 yo neutered black male. We are looking to get a puppy this year to have him help us in training a new little one.
    Thanks for your time
    Dawn Thompson

  2. Ruth

    I’m looking for a female Newfoundland puppy, that is grey in colour. I can wait for a future litter.

      1. C. Stuart Hunter

        We do indeed have a new litter. Come to see them any time.

        On Mar 22, 2018 5:32 PM, “The Newfoundland Dogs of Hunterhill Kennel” wrote:


      2. Ruth

        Looking for a female Newf pup. Interested in finding out which colours you have

  3. Tabitha

    Hey I have been looking for email to contact you guys so I can update you on zorra but can’t find one

  4. TAra

    Hi there ,
    Me and my husband are looking for a male pup. We are hoping for late spring or early summer. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

  5. Amy

    I’m also looking for a Female Grey Newfoundland for a future litter (closer to 2019) because we’re going home to Newfoundland this summer from Petawawa to visit family and we don’t want to stress a young pup. We have a Golden pyrenees and a German Sheperd (she’s getting older and doesn’t play much with her younger sister).

  6. Jessie

    I am looking to adopt a grey or brown Newfie come Nay/June. I am wondering if you keep your litters in the home until they are adopted or if they are in the runs with the other dogs ?
    Also , how much are the grey / brown males?
    I cannot seem to email you .

    1. We sell all of our dogs for $1500.00 (taxes and registration included). We currently have both a gray and a Landseer due to whelp shortly. The pups stay in the house for the first four weeks. Then they go out to the puppy pen with their mother, where they are socialized. The pups do not run with any of the other dogs.

  7. Jennifer Jones 416-986-5320

    You are tough to reach. I am looking for a female Newfoundland puppy.
    It appears that you should have a litter very soon.
    Waiting to hear.

  8. SnowySnow

    Hi there,

    We are looking for a male puppy! I can see from your previous comments you have some coming out shortly. Please let us know how it goes!

    Thank you!

  9. David Bradshaw

    I tried emailing you at newfs@hunterhill.com, but the email bounced, so thought I’d try posting here.
    Our family is relocating from Toronto to Brockville at the end of June, and we would love to talk to you about a pup, female preferred, with a Landseer being our first choice. I actually grew up with Newfs, but our last one left us in 2000, and it’s high time we had one in our lives again. We currently have a rescue, a Basset Hound/German Shepherd mix that we got at age 2 (currently 9), but our daughter has never had a Newf, nor the experience of raising and training a puppy and she is in love with Landseers. I know you have a litter due any time now, but we wouldn’t be in a position to have one join the family until July – can you let us know if that would be a possibility at all, or if not, when your next littler might be due?
    You can reach me at this email address, or by phone at 416-803-7145 – thanks in advance, we look forward to hearing from you!
    David Bradshaw

      1. David

        Thanks for the reply, much appreciated – but to be honest, this is a pretty frustrating method of communication, and the answer of ‘watch the site for news’ is also a bit on the frustrating side. I would have expected something more along the lines of “this is when our next planned litter is, and this is the deposit required if you’re interested in a pup”, as opposed to just being told to keep returning to the site.

        We’ve actually put down a deposit with another breeder now, so we’re good to go, but thanks again for replying.



  10. Meaghan

    Hi! I’ve been trying to contact you regarding a puppy but the contact page says error, and the email address you posted doesn’t work. Is there a better way to get in touch with you?
    Thank You!

  11. Kait patterson

    Very interested In a female black Newfie . I heard you Will be having some very soon !

    Would love to be on the list for a pup.


  12. Jessica

    Me and my husband are looking for a male preferably black, please let me know when you have one available.

      1. Jessica

        Thanks for the reply I will be watching the site for further details. Do you have a waiting list?

  13. Shelby Tabor

    Hello there! My husband and I have been looking to add a beautiful newf pup to our family, is your current waiting list full? Thank you!

    1. Shelby Tabor

      If availability, we would be looking for a male! Hopefully in your May/June litter. Thank you!

      1. We have a black bitch being bred by a Landseer dog as we speak. With any luck, there should be puppies in 9 weeks — just after mid-June.

  14. Leigha Lester

    I have attempted contact via email but I see there is some issues.
    I want to express my interest and see when you are expecting a litter and what colour? We are interested in a male puppy. Is there a waiting list?

  15. We anticipate litters in June. Colour is always a surprise because of our deep gene pool. We will put you on our waiting list and contact you when a litter is safely on the ground.

  16. Candace

    Hi there we are interested in an all black or all grey male puppy to join our family! Can you put me on the waiting list please, I have also tried the email route to contact you!

  17. Kim Wagg

    Hi We are very interested in a male newf . We just lost our newf Dakota in April he was 11 years old , we currently have a female named Willow she is 5. She is spayed . Please put me on your list Thanks ,Kim Wagg

  18. Michelle

    We are super interested in a black mail and have emailed you
    Could you please let us know if the puppies arrived safely and if we can make arrangements to send you a deposit to hold one
    Sorry to bother you I just have 4 children waiting to hear!

  19. Hi Stu and Jane.
    Just thought I’d let you know that “Hunterhill Whispering Sands” (SANDY) is the most intelligent and loving Newfoundland dog I’ve ever had. Groomer does her once a month for full brush out of undercoat, mani and pedi, and she always looks so “gorgeous” while by my side each and every single day. She has melted racial barriers as kiddies of all color say: “Look mom – a big teddy bear.” SANDY has saved my life 5 times to date and I will only have her 2 yrs as of November 21st this year. 3 vehicles (when I went blind with a total visual whiteout from an ocular migraine stroke – placing her body between me and each separate vehicle) – then a stalker following me – she stopped, turned, faced him in a “defense stance” staring at him – his only words were “holy shit” and he was gone. Then she alerted me to a fire in an apartment across from us in the building. When I watched her body language I checked our apartment but only smelt fire/smoke in the kitchen. Went to front door at which time I opened it to check for smoke and she pushed me so as to get me out of the apartment. I grabbed my coat and a neighbor explained it was under control. By the time we took the elevator down to the ground, the fire department were there – and they ALL wanted to know all about my beautiful Newfoundland Medical Alert Service Dog and very best friend. Everyone loves her and respects her for the job she does – but most of all, SANDY IS MY NEW LIFE – and she so enhances each moment of every day. So thanks a million for sending her by West Jet from Pat Lapointe to me. God bless you both for your lovely Newfs. Val Frost, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA (val.ladyhawk.frost4@gmail.com) October 4, 2018

  20. Nelson Cordeiro

    Hi, I am interested in having a Newfoundlander join our Family. My wife( product of Bell Islandlol). Birthday is December 22 2018. I would like to introduce her to her dream pup. We have the most friendliest Blue eyed Husky waiting for her new sister lol. We would like a Black or landseer female.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  21. Oceane Watson

    Hello, I am a St. Bernard Mom and my boy is about to turn three. He seems like he would really enjoy a new little brother to occupy him while Daddy and I are working during the day, that has a similar temperament and size to his own. I look so forward to hearing from you and the next batch available!

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