Who We Are

We began Hunterill Kennel in 1997. Our location is central to the Golden Horseshoe area of Southern Ontario, being one hour from Kitchener and Guelph, one hour south of the Owen Sound/Meaford area, and two hours north and west of Toronto. We have climate-controlled whelping facilities and large outdoor runs for our wonderful pets. We breed a variety of different coloured newfs representing the four main colours: bronze, gray, black and Landseer (black and white). These colours have been around in Europe for many centuries and are recognized by the Newfoundland Club of America.

Our main effort over the last 25 years with these gentle giants has been to produce sweet-tempered puppies with long lives and dry or firm mouths, preventing long strands of saliva hanging out of their mouths. When the flew at the side of their mouths is either level or turns up slightly, saliva can be redirected down their throats.

Our main accomplishment has been to choose large animals that run about 20lbs above the norm. Our males are all purchased and our females are from our own kennel stock. With our choices we have worked on breeding dogs with lage square heads and shorter muzzles – more like a St.Bernard head.

Our Newfoundlands are sold under contract with a two-year written health guarentee and we are vet checked, wormed, microchipped and registered. Once a litter arrives and you are able to choose a puppy, we ask for a 50% deposit on the $2500.00 purchase price. We encourage you to come and pick out your puppy as soon as possible. We welcome visits, questions, emails, pictures of your dog and phone calls.