This is Maximus’ page

Maximus is a Cupid x Sugar Baby pup born 18-07-03.

Here he is — 19-01-12 — enjoying a cuddle moment.

On May 16, 2019, he weighed 105 pounds. Here he is, patiently, waiting for a treat.

Here Maximus is having a play day with Annaleah and Sarah B in early August, 2019.

This morning [19-09-10] Maximus made it down the deck stairs and into the yard all by himself. Yippeee!!!! We’ve coached and coached him but no way. I don’t know what happened this morning, but he had a great time and here he is back up on the deck getting a congratulatory cuddle from his dad. He even climbed the stairs with no hesitation. Yippeee again!!!
He now weighs 110 pounds and is doing great.

Maximus is waiting for someone to throw his rope toy. (19-09-15)


Tucker and Maximus are having a play day.