Braineo was a black bitch, a Hannah x Wellington pup from the litter Hannah whelped 07-11-15. She was the oldest of our dogs. She enjoyed her retirement after raising 65 pups over the course of her breeding life. Roughly 15 of the pups she raised were born to someone else who failed to mother properly. As a foster-mom she was eager to take over when called on. She will be missed

The Ladies of Hunterhill Kennel

At Hunterhill Kennel we take pride in our ladies.  They have all been selected from stock that exemplifies the breed in terms of confirmation, that conceives dependably, that carries well, that births easily and that cares well for her pups.  Beyond all this, though, we breed for the Newfoundland temperament.  We want a dog who is affectionate, attentive, and sensitive to the needs of her family.  The ladies in the breeding rotation are between two and six years old.  They are generally bred once a year and are retired at six — or sometimes seven — years, after which time they take their place as meeters and greeters.