At Hunterhill Kennel we try to raise an animal that exemplifies the characteristics of the Newfoundland dog, particularly in terms of personality and temperament. Our dogs currently are acting as service dogs for veterans with PTSD, as therapy dogs for individuals with MS and epilepsy, and as companion dogs and family pets in many households across North America.

15 thoughts on “Home:

  1. Hi Stu and Jane.
    Just thought I’d let you know that “Hunterhill Whispering Sands” (SANDY) is the most intelligent and loving Newfoundland dog I’ve ever had. Groomer does her once a month for full brush out of undercoat, mani and pedi, and she always looks so “gorgeous” while by my side each and every single day. She has melted racial barriers as kiddies of all color say: “Look mom – a big teddy bear.” SANDY has saved my life 5 times to date and I will only have her 2 yrs as of November 21st this year. 3 vehicles (when I went blind with a total visual whiteout from an ocular migraine stroke – placing her body between me and each separate vehicle) – then a stalker following me – she stopped, turned, faced him in a “defense stance” staring at him – his only words were “holy shit” and he was gone. Then she alerted me to a fire in an apartment across from us in the building. When I watched her body language I checked our apartment but only smelt fire/smoke in the kitchen. Went to front door at which time I opened it to check for smoke and she pushed me so as to get me out of the apartment. I grabbed my coat and a neighbor explained it was under control. By the time we took the elevator down to the ground, the fire department were there – and they ALL wanted to know all about my beautiful Newfoundland Medical Alert Service Dog and very best friend. Everyone loves her and respects her for the job she does – but most of all, SANDY IS MY NEW LIFE – and she so enhances each moment of every day. So thanks a million for sending her by West Jet from Pat Lapointe to me. God bless you both for your lovely Newfs. Val Frost, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA (val.ladyhawk.frost4@gmail.com) October 4, 2018

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